First Week of Market!

It’s been a big week on the farm! Saturday May 3, Octopus Garden participated in our first farmer’s market, as a part of the Watauga County Farmer’s Market in Boone, and Sunday May 4, I presented at a dinner put on by Supporting Economic Alternatives in the Mountains(see to gain funding to build a germination chamber for my farm.

We also had our Maverick Family in town! Bill and Alice Brooke both made the trip up here and we spent a wonderful weekend sharing food and gardening wisdom and getting to know each other better. They visited the FIG Farm on Friday night and I also got to meet Christoph, a family friend and ASU faculty member who spent many years at the farm when it was the Sustainable Development farm. It was wonderful to meet him and hear his insights on the land and its history and use. It feels really good to have this community behind me with so much knowledge and so much love and support.

The first market was a success! Kathleen and I are sharing a market space, and this past week I sold bedding plants, as well as some bouquets I had made up of a brassica wildflower growing out at FIG. So much fun to be there and interacting with my customers! Growing food for others is what makes farming so wonderful!

At the SEAM dinner, my project received the most votes and I received the top funding award. It was a very exciting night filled with good food and music, and I felt privileged to share it with so many great friends, and to share the winnings with two other amazing entrepreneurs. With my portion of the proceeds, I will build a germination chamber in the coming weeks and probably a cold frame or two for FIG as well.



Christoph and I, and little Sango


Kathleen and I look at some collards and kale I planted with lettuce between the rows


checking out sprouting radish babies


L-R: Me, Kathleen, Grady, Christoph, Bill! FIG Team past and present is an impressive group!


me and my onions


Bill visits us at the Farmer’s Market!


Alice Brooke and Bill after buying from Octopus Garden and Waxwing Farm!


My market stand. Chilly morning!


Speaking at the SEAM dinner


What an attentive crowd!



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